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 Player info
Name: Yuugao or Yuu
Player's age: 21+
IM: Skype-Yuugao818 (please intro message me with who you are first) or message this account if you need anything.

Character info

Name: Elesis
B-day: 8.21
Age: 16
Weapon: claymore


End quotes 

About: Elesis is a famous knight in the kingdom of Elrios, spending her beginning years as an Eldrit seeker as she rose through the ranks. After three years and completing her training, she made her way back home to her brother Elsword to help train him up to be a knight. Their reunion only lasted a few months before demons attacked them during a training session. They surprised her brother, knocking him out before going after her. The Demon General Scar and her were evenly matched, their fight seemed to last for hours as they fought to find a hole in the other's defense. Finally Elsword came to and surprised Scar, giving her the opening she needed to land a blow on her enemy. Before she could do much more, he disappeared, using dark magic to escape. After that, Elesis sensed Elrios was in great danger and decided to start journeying to stop the demons before they hurt the land and people she loved.

Personality: Cocky little fire cracker with skills to match. She's not afraid to show her might, though does not flaunt it unnecessarily. She is a Free Knight and considers herself there for the people of Elrios and what she considers the greater good. She has a distrust of demons and a bit of unease around Nasods considering the history that they had had in the past.

Muse permissions: Basically I'm cool with anything as long as we discuss heavy things before hand like death and heavy torture. I would prefer no vore. She's a knight of action, though skilled I know she's bound to get her ass handed to her one day.

World breakdown (spoilurz)

Elrios has a rich history and being fucked over. In the beginning there was the El Lady and all her side bitches of normal elemental representation. Everything was cool because the El Lday was controlling a giant crystal called Eldrit that literally let life happen. Solace became a greedy bitch, kidnapped her to who knows where and with no one to maintain the crystal, it exploded, killed millions and fucked them over for centuries. Civilizations sprung up around large crystal remains and shit got cool again. Somewhere in there nasods were made, people regretted it because they were using their precious eldrit stones and waged a war to eradicate them. The queen of the nasods(Eve)hid, came out and was a lonely lil shit and became the core programming of King Nasod to go and rebuild their race on Altera a floating island inhabited by cat-mole people that are pretty good with technology.  By the way, there's elves too but for some reason there's nothing in depth?? This is a MMO video game btw and they're still building the story. But in favor of not spoiling much else I'mma stop here.


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